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Storm – 1st Black Heroine That Broke The Mold

Released In 1975: Storm, The First Black Female Superhero!

Name: Ororo Munroe

Storm is also the first Black member of the X-Men. Storm first appeared in Marvel’s Giant-Size X-Men #1(1975). Ororo Munroe is the daughter of a Kenyan princess who married an American photographer.

After Ororo’s birth in New York, the family travels to Cairo, Egypt, where her parents are killed and she becomes an orphan, living as a petty thief on the streets of Cairo.

She is discovered by Professor Xavier, who recruits her into the X-Men. Her mutant abilities give her control of the weather. She is a major character in the X-Men, and has served as team leader on multiple occasions.

Storm marries Black Panther in the comics though the marriage was temporary. Storm is a pop culture phenomenon and was Marvel’s answer to DC Comics Wonder Woman!


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